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Herzog.Baum – the team for your success


The company was founded by Wolfgang and Erika Herzog in 1989. With his great expertise as well as his visions, the trained forestry engineer Wolfgang Herzog added to the industry concerning forestry and especially Christmas tree farming. Meanwhile, he retired from the company due to health reasons. His wife Erika and daughter Ursula (master gardener) were constant companions in his travels and seminars, and could therefore acquire a great know-how. Together with five professional staff members they are leading the company in his spirit.


Our business is divided into following departments:


- tree seeds and shrubs for plant cultivation in tree nurseries, as well as for
  recultivation and greening measures

- planting material for Christmas tree growers, forestry and landscaping

- seedling material for use in tree nurseries and pots

- wood energy (willow and poplar cuttings) for biomass production
  at short rotation

- selling of Christmas trees to end-users and resellers

- seeds and plants for promotional purposes



Regular communication with the breeding farms and research centres ensures the actuality of our know-how. This flows into our products and will be passed on to loyal customers. Early on, we started our extensive commitment to practical courses and field days. You will not find any other company within the industry, which is so keen on making new discoveries available to the benefit of its clients.


From the beginning we have been supplying Austrian tree nurseries with tree seeds for growing all kinds of grove. The majority of them are treated in their own seeding farm. Quality and guarantee of origin are our top priorities! The genetic qualities of seed and the resulting growing plants have an enormous significance for future economic success.
For this reason, we have rapidly expanded our range of high-quality plant material for forestry, landscaping and Christmas tree farming.



The cultivation of Christmas trees turned out to be most critical. The challenge agitated our ambition and we put a lot of time and energy in extensive research. In seminars we pass on the findings of the long-time origin experiments to our clients and incorporate them into our products.
Six years ago, we brought three selections of Herzog.Baum to the market successfully. The own Nordmann firs origin Herzog Atlantik, Herzog Kontinental and Herzog Uniklon are the result of 16 years of research and development work.


Additionally, we always aimed to establish alternative species of firs and pines on the market. Thus, unsuitable areas can be planted for Nordmann firs and the range can be complemented by interesting alternatives. Because of their exceptional color and shape Abies fraseri, Abies lasiocarpa, Picea engelmannii and others are increasingly chosen today by the customer. Treeseed.


Thanks to our own marketing of Christmas trees at retail we have a good insight on consumer behavior, and therefore we know which ranges are demanded on the market. So we have been able to build a retail network with seven sale-stalls in the Salzkammergutregion over the years.


With our intensive examination of high-performance trees for the forest (e.g. hybrid larch), we encountered, the at that time late-breaking topic wood energy with short rotation in Sweden in 2005. This means producing biomass from wood for energy extraction as soon as possible . For this purpose fast-growing tree species such as poplar and willow will be planted on socalled short rotation plantations and harvested in a 2-5 year cycle up to 20 years. Immediately we were convinced of the idea and since then have been considered a pioneer of the Austrian short rotation sector. Today, this new source of renewable energy is an important factor for achieving future climate change objectives. Treeseed.



Our goal is to accompany seed, plant and customer from its first step onward. Early on Wolfgang Herzog philosophized: "Like a plant needs good and continuous care – so do our customers."




According to the motto:


From the treeseed to the full grown tree – Our know-how for your success!