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Give away a piece of sustainability

Seeds of trees and shrubs, as well as plants, are particularly suitable as natural advertising material. In no other way can one describe pristine nature, sustainability or conscientious interaction with the environment so cost-effectively and aesthetically.


If you are looking for a small yet special promotional gift with lasting memorability and many positive emotions, then we are the right partner for you. Please contact us so that together we can create your very special gift idea.


Seed sachets

Seeds are a symbol of renewal and growth. From an inconspicuous little something a large majestic plant develops. This natural process is ideally suited to be used as an advertising message and to promote products that are related in some way or another.


Due to the small size of the sachets and the uncomplicated storage, they are almost perfect as an inexpensive promotional gift. Provided with planting instructions, the recipient is asked to sow the seeds and to deal with the sprouting plants. This keeps the recipient busy for a while, which is ideal for your advertising message.


Of course we also offer the option of packaging the seeds according to your wishes and of adapting the packaging to your specific requirements.


Trees for promotions

Small deciduous trees or conifers are particularly suitable as a sample promotional gift related to nature, the environment and sustainability. By choosing your tree species, you can deliver a specific message according to the type of tree.


A few examples:


  • Nordmann fir tree species for little Christmas trees
  • Potted plants of living fossils as a synonym of durability and lasting value
  • Rare and threatened tree species as a reference to human influence on the environment and to sustainability
  • Main forest tree species to emphasise the economic benefits (e.g. firewood,...) of some tree species


It goes without saying that all saplings are available in different packages and pots, which can be individually designed for each customer with company-specific logos and colours. This means that you have the perfect brand ambassador.

An "Austrian" Gift

The Black Pine is known worldwide as the Austrian Black Pine with the botanical name Pinus nigra austriaca. This means that the seeds of this tree clearly refer to our country and are therefore especially suitable as a low-cost gift for exhibitions abroad, as a little farewell present to foreign visitors, business partners, travel groups, etc.


If you would like to go ahead with this idea, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will create together with you a small yet special gift that will make your advertising message stand out in the best possible way and be remembered for a long time.

A special kind of gift

For a successful Christmas celebration, a beautiful Christmas tree is indispensable. With the many positive emotions around Christmas, a Christmas tree is a beautiful and not an everyday gift for employees, but also for good customers. With such a gift you attract attention and will not be easily forgotten.


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 or contact us. We look forward to helping you.

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