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Protection and maintenance

 Every job requires the right tools. Tree pruning scissors should not be absent in the pocket of a Christmas tree grower. Various auxiliaries, such as terminal shoot controllers have a great effect when used properly. Equipped in this way, it is possible to make the necessary corrective measures at any time and to prevent recognisable undesirable developments already during formation.



Whether adjusting cuts, contour cutting or clipping - each of these supporting measures enhances the quality of the tree. For some growers, this is part of an everyday process, while others use it only in an emergency when late frost, hail or wild animals have hit the cultivation.

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The right cut at the right time and in the right place creates the right shape and is one of the deciding factors of the quality of the tree.

Maintenance measures and yield are interdependent

The end consumer would like to have in his living room a beautiful and harmonious tree, which is just perfect. But how do you obtain such a beautiful tree? The prerequisite is, of course, that the firs are properly fed with nutrients during cultivation and, furthermore, that they are kept free from pests (lice, ...) and understorey vegetation. This is a sound base for success. If no further maintenance measures are taken, a yield of approximately 60 percent of beautiful trees can be expected. Through activities like contour cutting or the use of branch regulators or top stop pliers, it is possible to increase the yield of beautiful trees to as much as 95 percent. Maintenance measures have therefore a considerable influence on the efficiency and profitability of a Christmas tree cultivation.

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