• Christmas tree cultivation
  • Christmas tree cultivation
  • Christmas tree cultivation
  • Christmas tree cultivation


Extensive research projects and field trials of Abies nordmanniana

The findings of many research projects and practical field trials can be found in every young plant provided by Herzog.Baum. The aim is to significantly increase the yield and quality of the cultivations by offering an enhanced starting material because the genetic characteristics of the Nordmann fir tree origins are a crucial building block for a successful Christmas tree cultivation.


The insights gained flow directly into our products. This provides you with a plant material that shows higher climate resistance, a greater operational liability and better yields. As our company also sells Christmas trees, we are at the forefront of this particular consumer environment. This way, we recognise early developments in the market and changes in customer wishes. Our range of Nordmann fir tree plants matches our findings on the market.



Particular attention is paid to the early removal of well-shaped small trees. This is very important to create room for growth and ventilation. You can achieve this with quick starting and precocious Nordmann tree origins, while the proportion of bushy, densely growing origins cater for a sufficient number of large and heavy assortments.


Wide selection – many opportunities

The extensive selection of different fir and spruce species gives you the opportunity to use even difficult locations sensibly. For wet places, areas where there is a danger of frost or dry south-facing slopes, alternative species are available, which can replace the Nordmann fir tree. In many cases, these tree species are able to get new customers interested. In our seminars we speak about this special knowledge, which is necessary for Christmas tree cultivation, as well as about sensible topiary measures.


Focus on rationalisation

As in all other economic areas, a continuous improvement of the production processes is also important in the cultivation of Christmas trees. In addition to the quality you must keep the costs in mind. A particularly efficient way of rationalising the process is to reduce the rotation time because you save on fixed and variable costs. The most important element to base yourself on is the origin of the plant material that has the quick-start momentum in its genes.


Frost-proof origins

The analysis of our origin tests over many years helped us to gain valuable knowledge of the sprouting behaviour and the winter frost resistance of the various Nordmann fir tree origins. This way we were able to filter out those Nordmann fir tree origins that offer a high degree of resistance to frost damage. You can benefit from this knowledge and get plants with the greatest possible climatic resistance for your cultivations. This avoids loss in quality and saves you form high costs for necessary adjustments.



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