• Christmas tree cultivation
  • Christmas tree cultivation
  • Christmas tree cultivation
  • Christmas tree cultivation


Visible benefits with Vitalin

Some of our clients who took part in our seminars used samples and achieved excellent results.


We could also observe several plantations in Germany and Switzerland with amazingly high growth rates immediately after planting. Due to the Vitalin treatment there was almost no planting shock witnessed and the firs have grown extremely fast.


We therefore recommend the use of Vitalin in your reforestation areas. You will be surprised how quickly the plants pick up because of the positive effects of the mycorrhiza fungi.


Mycorrhiza are natural fungi based on the roots and which grow with the plants. Plant and mushroom form a symbiosis for mutual benefit. Above all, the nutrients from the soil can be optimally absorbed.


The effect is:

  • Lower failure rates, faster growth and higher resistance to drought

  • therefore more regular rows of young trees, which leads to an early harvest of well-shaped trees in small batches

  • a shorter turnover time of the whole culture results in lower production costs and in a faster return on investment.


Easy to use: Immerse the plants in the Vitalin solution shortly before planting. One pack dissolved in 20 litres of water, is enough for 1,000 plants



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