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Short-rotation energy woods

 Short-rotation energy wood means to produce wood as quickly as possible for energy production. For this purpose, fast-growing tree species such as poplar and willows are planted on so-called short-term plantations. After around 3 years you can yield from one hectare of wood farmland a heating value comparable to 20,000 litres of fuel oil. Once this growing process has started you can continue to use the land for up to 20 years with around 7 turnovers before you use the land again as conventional farmland.



These plantations can also be instated in marginal productivity areas because they do not need any further care after the first-growth year and they therefore represent an interesting alternative for extensively cultivated areas.



But bear in mind that optimum yields require excellent soil and good arable cultivation.

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Careful and high-quality selection of the cuttings are deciding factors for the growth rate on the plantation.

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Tree selection the most important success parameter

The choice of trees is very important for the economic success of an energy wood planting. Our knowhow in this area is based on our long-term commitment to studying high-performance tree species.



The cuttings supplied by Herzog.Baum have been cultivated for several generations and therefore offer significantly higher growth and volume performance than wild planting stock. These hybrids also show high resistance to rust fungi.

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Further considerations

In addition to its obvious purpose, forestry for energy production has also a big impact on our environment. When evaluating energy wood land one must not forget how much impact it has on the wildlife, the soil and the climate and, of course, also on us human beings.



In addition to its impact on nature, the production of wood chips supports the reorientation of the entire energy industry. This economic process is politically desired and is supported accordingly.

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