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Cost-effective and environmentally friendly fraying protection for mixed tree species


Because of the significant failures caused by recurring fraying damages many forest owners avoid planting valuable tree species such as larch, Douglas fir, giant fir, cherry or nut although they are convinced of the economic and forestry value of these species. In fact, up to now there was no effective, time-saving and at the same time environmentally friendly way to protect young trees from spraying by the roe deer. We wanted to change this unsatisfactory situation and, after a year of testing, we are very happy to introduce a very efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly product.


Acacia pegs sawn and pointed, extremely durable and tough







Acacia pegs

2,5 x 2,5 cm

120 cm

20 pieces

3 pieces per tree

Acacia pegs

2,5 x 2,5 cm

150 cm

25 pieces

To fix single pillars


The pegs are cheaper than other fraying products and as they are made of extremely tough and durable wood, you can hammer them deep into the ground. That is why they can withstand snow pressure and why they don’t need to be re-erected after each winter. They are also extremely durable and can therefore be used several times in different locations. In addition, they don’t need to be collected and disposed of after they have served their purpose, which is also very cost effective.


Browsing and fraying protection for hardwood saplings

Tree protection cover grid, 18 cm growing space diameter "Klimavit" hose reel, 100 metres long.


Advantage: The length of the protective covers can be cut according to the individual requirements.


Cost-effective transport of joint orders for plants and accessories.




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