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Stimulation for germination

In many tree species, the seeds have been equipped by nature with a germination inhibition to prevent them from growing immediately after falling in autumn. This would result in a considerable loss of young seedlings, because they would be killed by frost in winter.


In most cases, it is a hard or oily seed shell, which prevents the immediate intake of water to swell the seeds. In some species, however, the embryo is not yet fully developed, in  which case they need several months of exposure to heat before the seeds are ready for germination.


The degradation of the sprouting inhibition and the germination stimulation are called stratification.


As a seed specialist company, we can offer a high level of expertise in the sprout-physiological processes of seed development and we can therefore prepare the seed through special treatment so that it is ready for germination exactly at the desired sowing time.


Just in time! Many of our customers make use of this service because it helps to reduce time and costs significantly.


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