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Located in Gmunden our team consists of specialists who work diligently and passionately to ensure your planting success: our team not only picks the right seeds from the regions best suited to your location but also provides professional storage and transport logistics. With an extended expert knowledge on Christmas tree cultivation, we have been passing on this knowledge in annual held expert seminars for the past 20 years. The needs and satisfaction of our customers are our priority.

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Ursula Herzog
Managing director
Manuela Bulla
Order processing and customer care
Germany & International
Anna Rappmannsberger
Order processing and customer care
Austria & International
Manuela Stückler
Accounting, key account support and
customer care Switzerland & France
Johann Leeb
Quality management, stratification,
distribution Austria

Why Herzog.Baum?

Seeds – sitting at the source
Having the ideal seeds is crucial for a successful production. This is made possible by seeds growing in appropriate areas and altitudes, making for fertile forests with a positive impact on our environment.

Potted Plants – for difficult locations
To guarantee your success in more difficult areas we offer a selected range of pot bound plants.

Christmas tree cultivation – from seed to full grown tree
From the very beginning, we have established ourselves as experts in Christmas tree cultivation. Due to years of research and provenance experience, we are able to use this extended knowledge to offer the best results from numerous origins

One Stop Service
Good trees need more than just good plants. We at Herzog.Baum know this, and that is why we offer you one stop, all inclusive service.




Total Commitment!

The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly apparent. Trees and forested areas contribute greatly in storing CO2, preventing erosion and creating regional economic cycles. It is no coincidence that the term 'sustainability', which is now well-known in the field of environmental technology derives from the forest industry.

Wolfgang Herzog, founder of Herzog.Baum worked in the forestry industry himself, and has a deep connection with nature. For this reason, planting in accordance to origin, biodiversity and sustainable forest management have always been key values of our company's philosophy. We actively contribute to preserving our local forests and nature reserves, and therefore also preserving valuable recreational space for humans. We supply seeds and plants not only for re-forestation, and re-cultivation against soil erosion, but also to create valuable habitats for animals and for landscaping purposes.

As experts in the field of forestry, we have been advocates of the conservation of nature and the environment for over 30 years.

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