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Your full-range supplier for forest plants and nordmann fir seedlings 

Around 25 years ago the company, which has since been committed to nature, was founded by the Herzog family. Over the years the Herzog.Baum Company has grown and various lines of business have resulted from it.


Our business activity includes the following areas:


 Seeds of trees and shrubs for cultivation in tree nurseries, as well as for recultivation measures


Ready-to-sell plant material for Christmas tree growers, forestry and landscaping


Seedlings for nursing and potting


Energy wood for biomass production in short rotation coppice


Marketing of Christmas trees to end users and resellers


Seeds and plants for promotional and advertising purposes


The roots of the Herzog Company lie in forestry, that’s why the reforestation of woodlands has always been of particular importance. Our reforestation advice service is well accepted by forest owners to create ideal conditions for successful reforestation.


Today, the Herzog.Baum Company is synonymous with the best origins of Nordmann fir trees, guaranteeing highest quality standards. Intelligent processes combined with an investigative mind form a unique value proposition, which is a different approach from what happens on the marketplace.

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