The correct treatment of soil and crops before, during and after planting is critical to a good start and rapid growth during the first year.

Once you have decided on the planting material that is right for your region (see "equipped for every location"), we will happily support your planting success by providing you with essential tips. For more information especially in regards to Christmas tree cultivation we also recommend to take a look at our Christmas tree expertise.

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sweeping protection & game browsing

Inexpensive and environmentally friendly sweeping protection for mixed tree species

Significant losses due to recurring sweeping damages, are often the reason why many forest owners don't plant valuable mixed tree species such as larch, Douglas fir, giant fir, cherry or nut, although they are convinced of the economic and silvicultural value of these tree species. In fact, up until now there has been no effective, time-saving and at the same time environmentally friendly way to protect young trees from roebucks' marking their territory. We wanted to change this, and after a year of trial testing and extensive research, we are pleased to offer you an effective, inexpensive and environmentally friendly accessory.

Robinia stakes – sawed, pointed, and extremely hardy






Robinia stakes

2,5 x 2,5 cm

120 cm

20 pieces

requires 3 pieces per tree

Robinia stakes

2,5 x 2,5 cm

150 cm

25 pieces

for mounting single pillars


Acquiring stakes is less expensive than other sweeping protection items, and due to their durable hardness they can easily be hammered deep into the soil. Therefore, they withstand sliding snow covers, and do not have to be raised again. They are extremely durable and can therefore be used multiple times at different locations. In addition, they do not need to be collected and disposed after they have served their purpose – which also saves time and money.

Browsing and sweeping protection for hardwood heister
tree protection cover grid, 18 cm growth area diameter “Klimavit” hose reel 100 meters long.
Benefit: the length of the protection covers can be cut to suit individual requirements.

Cost-effective transport by combined orders of plants and accessories.



Hedges and wild bushes as Biting trees

Shrubs planted at the edge of the forest are more likely to be seen as food source by wild animals, thus distracting from your newly planted afforestation. In addition, they serve as a bee and insect pasture and enrich your ecosystem. If you want to make jams, compote and schnapps, use wild fruits, such as Cornelian cherry, blackthorn, sea-buck thorn and service berry. 


Visible benefits from Vitalin

After presenting the benefits of Vitalin, some of our customers used sample quantities – with very good results! In Germany and Switzerland, we witnessed several plantings with astonishingly large growth immediately after planting. It was noticeable, that the Vitalin treatment resulted in the plants having almost no plant shock, and that the fir trees grew extremely quickly. What we saw, convinced us. We therefor advise you to try Vitalin on your reforestation areas, as well. We are convinced, you will see the benefits and positive influence of the mycorrhizal fungi on the rapid start of plants. Mycorrhiza are natural fungi on the roots, which grow organically with the plant. Plant and fungus form a community for mutual benefit. Above all, nutrients from the soil are optimally broken down.

Benefits include:

  • Fewer losses, faster growth and a higher resistance to drought
  • Therefor, rows are evenly built on the young trees, which enables early harvest of well-formed, small assortments
  • a shorter rotation time of the entire crop, which means lower production costs and a faster return of used funds. Your trees will allow you to become more competitive!

Easy application: Immerse the plants in the Vitalin solution just before planting them out. Dissolve one pack in 20 liter water, which is sufficient for 1.000 plants.


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