Seed instructions

Each tree species has its own rules. Therefore, we regret not being able to provide standardized sowing instructions. Some species need stratification to germinate in spring – we have marked them in our assortment listing. We deliver them ready for sowing.

In general, please note:

  • store dry seeds in a cool, dry place until sowing
  • stratified seeds are delivered by us ready for germination and should therefor be sown promptly
  • keep soil moist after sowing

Some trees, such as oak, walnut, maple and cherry, are mainly sown in autumn. In winter, they lie protected in the soil where sprout control takes place. This process is called natural stratification, and only works if the seeds stay undisturbed during the winter months, and are not for example dug up by rodents. All other tree species are usually sown outdoors in Spring (months March to May) and are covered some soil or sterile sand (approx. 3 times the thickness of the seed size), lightly pressed down.